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If Yahweh exists and is omnipotent then we can extrapolate that he actually wanted a Universe whereby suffering and evil was inevitable. This puts the blame squarely on Yahweh not humans or any other beings.

Fact: Christianity is in decline throughout the world. Fact: Islam will exceed Christianity by 2060Fact: Atheists have their work cut out for them.Keep fighting for Reason! Do not falter. Do not give up.

Not even Jewish scholars can deny that Yahweh demanded child sacrifices in the Bible. Let the Christian apologetics begin.

I know people that have told me that they are willingly never going to try to think critically about their beliefs. They outright refuse to have any kind of conversation regarding the beliefs.
Not believing in counterrevolution is like saying a person can walk the measurement of a foot but that successive accumulation of doing so over a period of time can never add up to a mile.

My Personal Library as of April 2018

Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason -Seth Andrews
Foundational Falsehoods Of Creationism -AronRa
Faith vs Fact -Jerry Coyne
Why Evolution Is True -Jerry Coyne
God and the Folly of Faith -Victor J. Stenger
Ten Tough Problems in Christian Thought and Belief -David Madison
The Rise and Fall of the Bible -Timothy Beal
Jesus Interrupted -Bart D. Ehrman
Freethought Resource Guide- Mark Vandebrake
The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read -Time C. Leedom
god is not Great -Christopher Hitchens
50 Simple Questions For Every Christian -Guy P. Harrison
Unapologetic -John W. Loftus
Why I Became An Atheist -John W. Loftus
Thunder Of The Fall -Blair A. T. Mullins
The Mythmaker -Hyam Maccoby
A Manual For Creating Atheists -Peter Boghossian
Why There Is No God -Armin Navabi
The Moral Landscape -Sam Harris
Fuck Jesus -Judas H. Peters
Worlds Of Their Own -Robert J. Schadewald
Climbing Mount Improbable -Richard Dawkins
Imagine There's No Heaven -Michael Stephens
The Demon-Haunted World (Science As A Candle In The Dark) -Carl Sagan
Good Book -David Plotz
Evolution Slam Dunk -James Downard
Idiot America -Charles P. Pierce
Kingdom Coming (The Rise Of Christian Nationalism) -Michelle Goldberg
American Fascists (The Christian Right And The War On America) -Chris Hedges
Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind -Yuval Noah Harari
The God Delusion -Richard Dawkins
Letter To A Christian Nation- Sam Harris
The Great Agnostic: Robert Ingersoll And American Freethought -Susan Jacoby

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