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Yahweh and The Law of Noncontradiction

If Yahweh exists and he has all the omni-properties associated with him as ascribed in the Bible then it is unavoidable that he wanted us to live in a universe whereby suffering would exist. Of all the possible universes that we found ourselves we found ourselves in this one. If Yahweh is truly omnipotent then he could have chosen for us a universe without suffering. However, since we find ourselves in this universe then it must have been Yahweh's plan for suffering to exist. If Yahweh is truly omnibenevolent then this would not be the case. We are left with no other logical conclusion than this all indicates that Yahweh is a malevolent deity.

There can be no good reason for an omnibenevolent deity to create a universe where suffering exists. I've heard all the excuses laid out by apologists and none of them address the obvious and all contradict the Law of Non Contradiction. A is A. A is not B. These two propositions are mutually exclusive. Yahweh can't be omnibenevolent and omnipotent and also create a universe where there is suffering. Given this proof it follows:

a. Yahweh is not omnipotent
b. Yahweh is not omnibenevolent
c. Yahweh may be omnipotent but he is malevolent

To argue that Yahweh is omnibenevolent but created a universe where there would be suffering or has some hidden reason why he allows suffering are also invalid arguments. Additionally to claim that there is suffering because we have free will is also an invalid argument. If Yahweh is omnipotent he could have created us with no desire to do wrong by equipping us with logical minds and he could also make it where no natural evil happens and the world we live on is free from such disasters as earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, forest fires, etc. Additionally we could obtain all the energy we needed from sunlight or be born with an energy source already within us. There would be no need to consume the cells of other living things to live. If I can think of this clearly an omniscient, omnisapient creator deity can also think of this and perhaps even better scenarios whereby suffering, natural evil, death, pain, and disease would not exist.

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