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I will use this area as my thinking out loud.  I am not sure all of my thoughts will be correct or will jive with logic.  I hope so!  But if you find me in error please let me know.  You can leave a comment below or you can DM me on @apetivist or email me at
Come to think of it man has been trying to save god(s) since the dawn of civilization but the more we learn the more we see god(s) shrink proportionally to our increased understanding of the Universe.  How long will theologians and apologists pretend that they have anything of substance to hang their claim that a god(s) exists?  -Apetivist ⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺
What is a god?  Seriously.  Has one ever showed up for verification?  What qualities or characteristics does a god even have?  Does having any characteristics limit a god then if so aren't theists putting their faith in something that can't even be specified?  If a god is beyond human understanding then why do any theists think they have anything correct at all about any god?  If something is beyond description then isn't it indistinguishable from that which does not exists?  -Apetivist ⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺
Yahweh is supposedly omniscient.  This implies that he is not capable of learning.  It also means he is not capable of thinking as thought would imply that he has to think and since he knows everything that ever could possibly be known then God can't even be considered to be intelligent and even more so can't be considered a superintelligence.  Intelligent design is therefore a misnomer as Yahweh can't adapt, learn, or change and thus he isn't even intelligent.  Yahweh might as well be a non-being as it can't possibly have any personage nor can it be anything but a script running immaterial non-thingamabob.  As an atheist I am left with no other choice than call Yahweh a defeated and contradictory concept.  -Apetivist ⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺⸺

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