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Thoughts On The Pettiness Of The Christian God by Apetivist

Thoughts On The Pettiness Of The Christian God by Apetivist

Assuming for the sake of argument that the god of Christianity (Yahweh) exists it is indeed a very petty deity.

He demands faith not only in him but also a itinerant preacher/messiah that supposedly existed over 2,000 years ago and yet he offers no evidence of his existence. 

If you don't accept him on faith coming from hearing or reading dubious accounts from many second hand sources in a book that was translated and copied by the hands of infallible men then he will send you to Hell. 

Worse you must also not just believe in him but get the right type of faith and process in spite of conflicting methods of salvation found in the Bible. 

Choose the wrong Christianity and you are doomed!  Not choosing Christianity and you are doomed!

Being told the Gospel and not accepting it because you find it an absurd story then you are doomed!

In addition to all this the Bible isn't clear as to the fate of the unevangelized.  If we are to take the Bible on its silence on the matter then we are left with little choice but to also see that the unevangelized are also doomed! 

Jesus never spoke about the age of accountability and so we are left wondering whether babies, adolescents, and (pre?)teenagers are also doomed if they don't become the right kind of Christian with the right kind of faith based on sheer luck of hearing it and recognizing it as something that is true even though they wouldn't even have the background knowledge as to what would constitute a justified belief in light of evidence or lack thereof to begin with.

Stack on top of all this that no self proclaimed Christian has any true knowledge of whether they themselves are actually saved.  In fact it could very well be the case that most people that claim a faith in Jesus Christ could very well be doomed!

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