Sunday, August 18, 2019

I am asking for your asistance with groceries. If you can. Thank you.

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  1. Thanks to all that showed to Susan and I their Humanism and compassion. I am never forgetting how kind and generous you are/were and it is rare for me to ever ask for anything but lately it's been quite hard on all. We live $3000+ below the National Poverty Threshold. It has been hard on so many that I am in a type of angst when I see great YouTubers like Maddie & Snarky, Suris, and Tall Tale to have to run entire shows based on their demonentization for Atheist YouTubers and the fact they are making near impossible for them to survive on YouTube alone and so they have to ask for money just to pay rent, groceries, utilities, etc. Corporations are thriving and hoarding riches while employees are barely making it and often living out of their cars! Veterans can't receive proper care due to backlogging but we have Congress living it up and exploiting their positions to the highest bidding lobbyist while the normal people have to live off scraps! How long will this continue?