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My medical situation is getting worse yet I promise to flow with things.

For the past 3 days I've been dealing with a horrible tooth,eye, ear ache. I am now not having the horrible tooth, ear, eye ache. However, yesterday due to Cymbalta withdrawal (Things got out of sync and my nurse didn't catch I was running low). And the intense pain on top of my usual horrible pain caused my blood pressure to jump to 190 ( dangerous stroke possibility!). I knew it would go down after my pain reduced and it did. 79 Sys, 60 Dia, 116 Pulse.

Yet, I always have excessive urination having Type 2 Diabetes. But I awoke this morning incapable of urination. So, I will probably have to check into Dallas VA Hospital and go on dialysis.  

Oh well, just one of those days. I won't freak out over this and will accept it as life just doing things. 

I'll keep you, my readers,  updated. 


  1. I hope things get better :( i can't imagine...

  2. It's okay, Steve. I'm stepping up whatever I can do to make things better for my situation including ridding myself of less that well-managed nursing situation and home assistance. I'm getting serious about how I manage my time. None of us will live forever but I could outlive you (I hope not!) but who knows? I am still hopeful that if we can rid ourselves of Capitalism and improve our material situations then Science will not be held back by enormous Defense budgets so that both education and research can aim more effectively at solving or treating not just my diseases but all diseases (hopefully).


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