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Questions for Theists by Apetivist

Questions for Theists by Apetivist Original Post: 02/02/20 Quality changes on 07/22/21 Revised Version: 12/06/2020 - See Addendum near bottom of page regarding the only acceptable or addressable forms of communication with those that wish to rebut the questions asked in this work.  I don't want long diatribes of what you believe nor a defense of any doctrine or bias.  If you cannot do a point-by-point rebuttal in my proposed format below in Addendum then your entire response will be sent back with the reason why.  I don't have an unlimited amount of time to do a merry-go-round on all these unrelated doctrinal claims nor to reflect on every anecdote of personal experiences.  Thank you for your cooperation.   *Point regarding the confidentiality of email correspondences.  I will not produce any part of an email to the public nor even to private parties unless it contains a personal threat or a threat to harm others and I will report such threats to appropriate authoritie

The Paradox of Civility

"Unwarranted civility like unbridled tolerance will be the death of civilization as we know it." - Apetivist Just as Karl Popper spoke of the Paradox of Tolerance we should also be equally focused upon this Paradox of Civility! The more people act as being viewed as unpopular is more important than speaking the truth about our ill society then we will suffer immeasurably until it will be too late to call Bullshit!

Apetivist appears on the Damien Athope's YouTube Channel (Damien-Marie Athope)

Apetivist appears on the Damien Athope's YouTube Channel (Damien-Marie Athope) I so enjoyed being on Damien's Channel. We all have so much to learn from this man. Honest, intelligent, insightful, and dedicated to preserving all he can gather on ancient religions and spreading a strong understanding of Axiological Atheism, Humanism, Anarchism, Socialism, Philosophy and Archeology to name just a handful of his favorite topics. Damien's info is below: Damien's  webpage: Damien's blog: Damien's Patreon:

World Event's with Apetivist (LEAH Podcast) YouTube Featuring Christy Santiago and NotJah Witness. 07/16/2021

I would also like to ask as much as you can to support LEAHPodcast . If all you can do is donate a few dollars or just to is sharing their content on social media it would be greatly appreciated. I make no financial gain by promoting their work. These people are truly some of my best friends. Their track record for consistency and honesty stands. They n eed to be recognized for all their hard work and the immense amount of research and talent they bring as well as all their incredible guests. The hosts and co-hosts of Leah Podcast Christy Santiago ( @ChristineDawnSa ) , Mac ( @GreySkepticMac ), and NotJah Witness ( @NotJahWitness ).  How can they not be popularly admired and have a much larger following for their passion for freedom, equality, fairness, and justice in our present broken and confused society? Note: I placed all the sources and citations in the comments section below the video on Leah Podcast. To go their click on "Watch on YouTube". League of Extraordinary Ath

Paul uses the word Greek word "pistis" incorrectly in Hebrews 11:1.


Excerpts from “THE CHRIST: A Critical Review and Analysis of the Evidences of His Existence” by John E. Remsburg

Excerpts from “THE CHRIST: A Critical Review and Analysis of the Evidences of His Existence” by John E. Remsburg Published 1909 by The Truth Seeker Company, New York. Chapter 2: Silence of Contemporary Writers. Note from Apetivist: There is just one contention I have with Remsburg.   The title of this chapter should have been Contemporary Writers During and Shortly After the Time of Jesus and Some Additional Writers that have Nothing Whatsoever To Do With the Subject.   Nonetheless, Remsburg's points are quite on spot and the fact remains; zero contemporary writers during the time this "supposed" Jesus lived wrote a single sentence about the man.   Also, note that I place the approximate date of birth of each person and additional names the writers are known by- at the time Remsburg did not know that one writer had a different name or that writings of one were finally afterward associated with the writing of another by historians.   I also use the term B

39 Failed Theistic Arguments- Wonderful Memes from Common Sense Atheism

Thank you to www.commonsenseatheism for providing these wonderful and whimsical memes via Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial.  The site is no longer updated but you can further enjoy the incredible mind and work of Luke Muelhausser at  Thank you, Luke!     As you all know I make no money from this blog and provide whatever I find useful or entertaining no matter the source as long as I do so correctly and honestly.  From Legal stuff Everything I write for this site is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license, meaning you can share it and modify it any way you like, as long as you (1) link back to my site, and (2) don’t charge money for derivative works.