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Questions for Theists by Apetivist

What do I really think about the way we should conduct ourselves and what we should base our thoughts and beliefs upon?

Yes, you all know I am an atheist but what do I really think about how the way we should conduct ourselves and what we should base our thoughts and beliefs upon? This isn't a complete description of my views but it does encompass most of them. I can't for the life of me see how anybody thinks following ancient holy books can be better than subscribing to Secular Humanism. If they actually knew what Secular Humanism promotes I think more people would get on board.

A Secular Humanist Declaration | Free Inquiry

Issued In 1980 By The Council for Democratic and Secular Humanism (now the Council for Secular Humanism) Introduction Secular humanism is a vital force in the contemporary world. It is now under unwarranted and intemperate attack from various quarters. This declaration defends only that form of ...

John E. Remsburg On The Absurdity Of Christianity

“An unlettered and credulous enthusiast, named Jones, imagines that he has had a revelation, and proceeds to found a new religious sect. He gathers about him a band of "disciples” as ignorant and credulous as himself. He soon gets into trouble and is killed. But the Jonesists increase-increase in numbers and in meanness--until at length, they become sufficiently notorious to receive a paragraph from an annalist who, after holding them up to ridicule and scorn, accounts for their origin by stating that they take their name from one Jones who, during the administration of President Roosevelt, was hanged as a criminal. The world contains two billions of inhabitants-mostly fools, as Carlyle would say--and as the religion of this sect is a little more foolish than that of any other sect, it continues to spread until at the end of two thousand years it covers the globe. Then think of the adherents of this religion citing the uncomplimentary allusion of this annalist to prove that Jones was a god!”

The Christ: A Critical Review and Analysis of the Evidences of His Existence By John E. Remsburg (1909) p. 49

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Truth requires Opposition by Jeff Tadlock (Stairway To Reason)

Aron Ra on Religious Values

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